ShuEsq was born out of our growing and developing relationship that flourished while studying for the Texas Bar Exam. We met during our matriculation through law school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and we both returned to Dallas, Texas upon graduation. After spending on average, twelve hours a day studying for the Bar Exam, we would spend our break time daydreaming of shoes. Unfortunately, our infamous study spot, Starbucks, did not sell shoes!

With the Lord on our side, we both passed the Texas Bar Exam successfully! Having won and fought that battle together, we birthed the idea of not just being Esquires, but Shoe Boutique Owners! Thankfully, we did not believe in dreaming just one dream!

It is our belief that the shoe retail industry lacked a platform that focused on new, upcoming, and independent shoe designers whose shoes may not be carried in retail chains or who are looking to expand their brand. Thus, ShuEsq, The Shoe Bar was created to provide a platform with these shoe designers in mind.

Through our love for shoes, we hope to inspire you to dream more than one dream!

-Ashley O. & Asya M.